Cocoa Suede

Suede Shirt: Forever21 (sold-out online)
Jeans: Levi's
Creepers: Ego

Who else is obsessed with (faux) suede? Because I know I cannot be the only one. Quick disclaimer: I do not support wearing clothing made of animal skin/fur; basically any part of an animal. Therefore, this is not real suede nor do I own real suede. I am not obsessed with suede as much as I am obsessed with velvet, though. If you want me to get specific, I love tan/beige and black suede; both can be worn in so many trendy styles. 
I am wearing a (faux) suede shirt from Forever21, and I think it's truly worth it. There are other places that sell faux suede clothing for cheaper prices...but it's not the best quality. Sometimes it is, but not always. Now, it does cost a little more than F21's typical, basic, shirts but I think that's expected. Also, I am wearing (faux) suede shoes from Ego. As I said in my post titled Latex boots, Ego is pretty amazing. I have been looking all over for Rihanna's PUMA Creepers, since they sold out in the blink of an eye, and I cannot find them for their actual price. The struggle was so real until I discovered these for only $30 (at the time because of a sale) and now I am quite satisfied. I accessorized with gold earrings from India to complete this outfit. I think gold looks great with this beige color. Overall, gold looks great with certain shades of brown.



  1. I am in LOVE with this outfit! Great photos too, I like the whole layout of them :) x

  2. I have been looking for a top like that since forever in army green... Looks great!

    Hayley xx

    || ||

    1. Same! That would look so cute! Thanks for reading. ♡


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