Calvin Klein faves

Many people love Calvin Klein for its underwear, which you can't blame them for. I love Calvin Klein's underwear, but not as much as I love their apparel. A friend of mine got me this skirt, above, as a present and now I plan on buying more of their apparel; so I guess you can say I'm obsessed. What I love about Calvin Klein's clothing is how simple it is. There is not one piece of clothing that makes me say "Oh this is just too much." This skirt has a matching croptop, but I prefer wearing it with a bodysuit and cardigan. The croptop is still really cute, though. I decided to share some of my favorite pieces of clothing by Calvin Klein that I am in love with, and hopefully introduce you to something you may not have seen before and decide to invest in.



All of these can be found on Urban Outfitters; if you click on the pictures, it will redirect you to the products on Urban's website. I highly recommend buying Calvin Klein products from Urban Outfitters because they sell more of their modern, and trendy, clothing. No matter how hard I try to save my money, it never works because I find clothes that I really want to buy. Keep an eye out for a look with that hat because I will definitely be buying it ASAP.



  1. That skirt is so cute! I have bought their bras, but I will definitely be investing in some Calvin Klein apparel. Great post!

    1. Thanks. I highly recommend buying their apparel. Some are a bit expensive, but that is expected from Calvin Klein.


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