Oversized Sweater

Jumper: ASOS Marketplace 
Jeans: Zara
Sneakers: Nike (customize) or Foot Locker
Sunglasses: zerouv

Please forgive me for how messed up my hair looks; my photographer wasn't looking out for me. Anyways, this look is one of the many ways I wear oversized sweatshirts. I recently posted the ways I wear oversized shirts in general, but those ways are very similar to the ways I wear oversized sweatshirts. I wore this grey oversized sweater, the seller calls it a "jumper", with charcoal-colored jeans and a pair of Nike Air Max 90s. This is a very simple, street-inspired, outfit that is easy to put together. Another way to wear an oversized sweater is by wearing it as a dress; just make sure it is big enough to do so. If the sweatshirt goes over your butt, then definitely wear it as a dress with shorts underneath. If it is pretty big, but not big enough to wear as a dress, then wear it with shorts. The best time to wear it, these two ways, is in the summer or spring. In the winter and fall you definitely want to wear it with either jeans or leggings; depending on where you live, and how the weather is there. I am in love with these sneakers, and plan on getting another pair or two, because they are really comfortable and look good with almost all my outfits. Quick tip: Buy shoes that you know will look good with many of your outfits.
I encourage you to experiment with your outfits, and try new things because you may start a new trend.


  1. Why do even the most simple things look perfect and put-together on you!? I love how you combined different shades of black and grey!


    1. Thank you so much! I love how dark colors work together. ♡

  2. Love this look! AirMaxes have become my favorites recently as well :)


    1. Thank you! They are really comfy, and go well with almost any outfit.

  3. Okay over sized sweaters are incredible and literally perfect for every occasion! I love how you put yourself together I really love this outfit!
    Hayley xx
    || http://hayleyoliviareflectionsofme.blogspot.com/ ||

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