Latex boots

Bodysuit: Nasty Gal
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Ego
Sunglasses: zerouv

I thought I should share with you my new fashion obsession; latex boots. The first time I saw these boots was after the Christian Dior haute couture collection was released. After seeing photos from the Christian Dior show during Paris Fashion Week, and getting a glimpse of them in so many different styles, I fell in love. Many critics of the boots called them "kinky" because of their resemblance to latex boots sold in sex shops. I think it's funny how that is the first thing they noticed when they saw these appealing shoes. These boots are different, but a good kind of different. 
I think the heel is what makes the boots so appealing, which is why I praise Dior. Also, the heel is what makes these shoes so different; how could you not find colored boots with clear heels not appealing? 

If you are a boots/heel lover, I highly suggest shopping for these from Ego or Public Desire; both are online shoe shops based in England. Here are their links to the boots:


  1. I agree with you,; latex boots are a must!! I will be ordering a pair from Ego very soon. Great post!

    1. Ego always has sales going on, so definitely order ASAP. Thanks Leslie. ♡


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