Love, Peace, and Hair Grease ☮✌

"Friends Forever" t-shirt: Zara
Ripped jeans: Zara
Sneakers: Adidas
Backpack: Urban Outfitters

I really don't know what I was doing in this pic.. But it works.

What I love about this outfit is the amount of accessories I can wear with it. Normally, I would wear a lot of rings and bracelets with a casual outfit like this, but I think there is an enough amount of accessories to wear. It is impossible to have "enough" clothes, which I have to explain to my parents all the time...but it is possible to have an enough amount of accessories to wear at one time. With accessories, I never overdo it. If I want to wear a lot of bracelets, I am not going to cover my whole arm with bracelets; I will wear a certain amount until I say "This is good," and the same goes for rings (I am really obsessed with rings).
I fell in love with Zara over the summer, and started buying almost all my clothes from there; so expect there to be a lot of posts where I am wearing Zara. Possibly from head to toe.

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