Necklace: *Custom made*
Plaid shirt: Forever21
Shorts: H&M
Over-the-knee socks: Forever 21
Sneakers: Nike Air Force 1- mid

I have been meaning to post this ootd, but I wanted to make sure I had more to post before I post this one and spend almost 2 weeks to post the next one. I love this outfit because of how retro/chic it is. I am obsessed with over-the-knee socks, and I love how they look with certain outfits. I wear them with either shorts, or baggy/flowy clothes.
Now, a lot of people think that over-the-knee socks were created for girls with skinny thighs... Which is not true because they have over-the-knee socks that were created for the ladies with thick thighs. There is no such thing as certain clothes that girls with certain body types can only wear, I promise you that. Wear whatever you want and be very confident wearing it.
- AK

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