Sunglasses: ZeroUV
Baseball jersey: Forever21
Calvin Klein bralette & underwear: Barenecessities / Barenecessities
Ripped Jeans: Vibrant (Miu)
Adidas Sneakers: Foot Locker

Because Fall is slowly approaching, I thought I should post this ootd with my Calvin Klein set. Now, I know so many people have this bralette with a matching pair of underwear...But I am honestly so in love with Calvin Klein underwear. I don't care how basic they are, but it was a must to buy it. Many people have the bralette in white, which I will buy next; but I wanted it in black because I get everything in black. Black goes with everything, and so does white. I got the ripped jeans from a boutique shop in SoHo, NY that I will be going to very soon because the clothes there are worth the buy. A lot of stores in SoHo have clothes that are worth the buy, which is why I highly recommend spending a day there to shop until you drop. I went shopping with my mom and sister, and we had so much fun until my mom got tired of shopping. You know when you are successful on a shopping day when you feel absolutely exhausted after. Of course you do not have to go all the way to New York, which is why you can check out their website.

**To all of you who may be saying "Wow, what a revealing outfit," my stomach and my legs are very well visible. Last time I checked, a lot of us have a stomach and legs. Just because you would never go out in public wearing this, does not mean other people should not. This is fashion, you have to learn to take risks. This is my body, my mind, and my soul. That means I get to do what ever I want. We must learn to take care of ourselves; stop worrying about what others do with themselves. That is their life, and you have your own. Live your life. It's just that simple.


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