Black is the new Black

Are you someone who is told "Why do you always wear black?" or "Are you like punk rock or something, all you wear is black..." How about, "Do you own any colored clothing in your closet? Like pink or something?" I can answer those questions easily, but I get tired of answering them. 1) I wear black because it's dope, it's simple yet creative, and it goes with anything. 2) Just because I wear black... that automatically means I'm punk rock? What? I'm far from punk rock. and 3) Of course I own colored clothing, I can't just have a closet full of ALL black clothing; but that doesn't mean it is specifically pink. I'm not a huge fan of pink; I will wear it, but not often. You can find almost any kind of clothing in the color black, making it easier to wear. Like I said before, I can't have a closet with all black clothing because it gets boring after a while. Also, there should not be a problem with me wearing black; especially when I look good wearing it.
Tip of the day: If you love wearing black, don't worry about those people always bothering you with questions on why you wear black. You're probably dressed better than them.

- AK

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